Modular Homes System

All In One Design and Build started of as a registered commercial builder and architecture company offering comprehensive services to various commercial building works ranging from industrial, health, food & beverages and retails throughout Victoria and New South Wales. As a design and build company, we can offer both design and construct services or either of each. Our company pride itself on delivering to clients completed projects with outstanding innovation, design and construction quality.

In the recent years, All In One Design and Build has built its reputation in manufacturing quality modular products for the construction industry. All In One Design and Build has a team of expert building technicians that have extensive experience in the design, development and construction industries of modular buildings. With established factories located in China and collaborating with in house architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, specialist consultants and various tradesperson, All In One Design and Build is the forefront in the modular building technology that allows accelerated off-site modular building productions and on-site construction.

All In One Design and Build offers professional services to all stages of the construction from design, obtaining Town Planning Permit to Building Permit. Fabrication of modules commences within 1 week of receipt of approved Building Permit and fully installed to be ready to leave our factory in China in 1 week. We are capable of producing up to 4 modules per day.

All modules are fully welded structural steel frame that has been designed by Australian structural engineers, approved and passed the steel test that conforms to the Australian Standards. All interior and exterior finishes are carried out by fully trained factory staff under close supervision of licensed and registered Australian tradesperson. All critical stages of work including fire sprinkler rough in, plumbing rough in, electrical rough in, waterproofing and fire rated plasterboard are to be signed off by our qualified and licensed Australian consultants.

All In One Design and Build have a range of standard (off-the-shelves) modules to be chosen from for quick delivery or the modules can be custom-designed and made to your preferences. All In One Design and Build offers a streamlined process where the building can be put immediately for production and is available to anyone from property developers and architects to home buyers.

AIO Quality Assurance

Quality control and certification are upmost importance in the success of the AIO modular production system. AIO always meet and occasionally exceeds the requirements of the already strict Australian Standard procedures.

AIO Quality Assurance Process Includes:

  • Pre-certification and validation of all building components and materials from suppliers. Building components and materials specified conforms with Australian Standards.
  • Qualified and licensed Australian Tradesperson to supervise the ordering, product and installation to each individual work component.
  • 12 quality assurance check points during production
  • 43 mandatory certificates to be produced for every module which complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • Australian Building Surveyor inspection on mandatory stages of the module production prior to shipment.
  • All external consultants and tradesperson appointed are fully qualified and has extensive experience in their respective fields.

AIO current exclusive facilities in China have in excess of 60 production bays allowing up to 40 modules to be worked on concurrently. With the current work force, well equipped factory and excellent production line, AIO is capable of producing 4 modules per day. AIO current capacity in the factory is 1 module per day.

Modular Homes Assembly Process Explained

1. Steel Framing

- Each modules’ steel members are manufactured and welded as per structural engineer’s computation

- Steel members are tested for its “chemical composition analysis” and tensile strength” to the requirements of AS/NZ 3679.1

- All steel members are painted 2 coats

2. Rough in + LGS

- Plumbing floor waste are roughed in

- 25mm thick cement sheet flooring are installed

- Non- structural steel stud walls are installed

- Furring channel ceiling are installed

- Plumbing and Electrical rough in

- Fire sprinklers rough in

- Electrical switchboard installation

3. Windows + sheeting

- Windows installation

- Insulation installation to ceiling and wall

- Sheeting of internal walls (i.e fire rated plasterboard, cement sheet)

- Waterproofing to wet areas

- Painting and tiling works

- Installation of floor finishes (i.e carpet, bamboo flooring)

- Installation of doors

4. Joinery + packing

- Joinery installation

- Plumbing and Electrical fit off

- Installation of external cladding

- Cleaning + packing ready for shipment

5. Shipping to Australia

- All modules are fully tested and signed off by various parties prior to shipment.

6. Transportation of modules to site.

- Site is ready for installation of modules.

- All footing/foundation works are carried out during fabrication of modules in China and completed prior to shipment of modules.

7. Modules Assembly on Site

- Modules are lifted by crane and accurately assembled on site

8. Services Main’s Connections and Final Touch-Up

- Connecting all services from the mains to all modules on site.

- Finish off the remaining components

- Landscaping