Building Concept Design

The homes we live in have never been more diverse in design; there are new and exciting building concept designs which incorporate sustainable living, modern lifestyles and affordability. Where, a century ago, there were few differences from one building to the next, today’s residential architecture has discarded almost all convention, in favour of ergonomics and the beauty that comes with functionally effective design. New home designers and builders have the freedom to create unique living spaces that exploit the properties of modern materials such as concrete and the myriad of metals and plastics that are now available.

  • Concept design
  • Preparing building and other permit applications
  • Obtaining the relevant permits, including negotiating any required amendments.

Our directors, commercial builder Samuel Wong and architect Charlie Chan, have many years’ experience offering the functions of design and build under the same roof. You can see examples of Charlie’s new home concept designs at our Portfolio. Between us, we have encountered every regulatory obstacle that can befall a homebuilder. We have learned how to anticipate these pitfalls before they disrupt the project, saving time, frustration and money.

So if you are contemplating for a company who can provide you with a new and exciting concept design for your new home or office, why not give us a call to discuss your ideas? We can offer you everything from sketch building designs to permit applications and working drawings – the choice is yours.