Restaurant & Café Design

Dining habits change so fast that successful restaurateurs must think carefully about what they spend on fit out. We hear so many stories about restaurants and cafes that were crippled from the start by an excessively costly interior design and fit out that it’s surprising so many still get carried away and saddle their business with a burden it just can’t bear

Intelligent restaurant and café design doesn’t have to cost the earth, there are hundreds of really simple and affordable material substitutes and interior design options that can be used that wont compromise structural integrity – Even still, restaurant and café design and fit out do have a habit of suffering delays caused by inexperience, so you do need the right team handling the project.

At All in One Design and Build we specialise in providing affordable café and restaurant design solutions for owners of and delivering completed projects on time and on budget.

How do we do it? We integrate the functions of design and construction under the one roof, teaming the skills of commercial builder Samuel Wong with those of fellow director, architect Charlie Chan. This allows us to exercise complete control over all aspects of the project, eliminates many sources of delay, reducing our operational costs and resulting in lower costs for our clients.

Combining the functions of design and build under the one roof makes coordinating the various elements of a café or restaurant fitout project much easier, and our familiarity with the relevant regulations ensures that each stage of the build takes place on time, so you can be confident that you’ll be open for business on the day you planned.

So if you are looking to create a restaurant or café interior designed with intelligence and flair, and delivered according to plan and budget, why not give us a call? We can have an honest discussion about your potential for a restaurant / café design that reflects your aesthetic desires and budget.