Warehouse Conversions Melbourne

Recycling old industrial real estate and giving it new purpose is enjoying considerable growth in Melbourne, particularly in areas such as Abbotsford, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Burnley, Richmond and even South Melbourne. A Melbourne Warehouse conversion is a very attractive proposition, both for businesses and inner city residents wanting a stylish alternative to a new-build apartment. But successful warehouse conversions in Melbourne are a minefield for the inexperienced. A permit for change of use of the property is almost certainly required, and is very likely to come with a burden of obligations covering amenities like parking provision. And the plumbing of a legacy industrial property is highly unlikely to support residential use, requiring installation of additional features and facilities.

These and other issues raise the complexity of a warehouse conversion, and stories abound of projects that went off the rails because the designer and builder lacked the experience to foresee difficulties that could frustrate and stall their schedule.

All in One Design and Build has many successful warehouse conversions in Melbourne to its credit. We succeed because through our directors, architect Charlie Chan and commercial builder Samuel Wong, we offer design and build under the one roof. This enables us to control all aspects of the project, ensuring that each step meshes perfectly with the next. We rely heavily on our trades, who are chosen for their proven ability to coordinate their activities with the work going on around them. Delays and disruptions are avoided, and we are able to accommodate minor variations without adding exorbitantly to the contract cost.

So if you are contemplating a warehouse conversions in Melbourne, wether it be for a new home, brewery or office space, why not give us a call? We can have an honest discussion about wether our services are right for you, before we sit down and start planning your ideas.