Shop Fitting Melbourne

We’ve all heard the stories; stories of perfectly good retail businesses that were crippled by debt because they allowed themselves to be seduced into spending far too much on shop fitting. At All in One Design and Build we don’t get carried away by tricksy design flourishes – we believe that a shopfitter’s task is to design, construct and deliver straightforward, functionally elegant solutions at a price that won’t saddle the business with unnecessary expense and debt.

How do we do it? Partly, it’s by understanding the needs of retailers and being able to focus on the essentials of good Melbourne styled shop-fitting design. And partly, of course, it’s because we combine the functions of design and construction under the one roof. Our commercial builder Samuel Wong, and fellow director, architect Charlie Chan have between them many amassed an impressive catalogue of successful shop fit-outs in Melbourne. We have far greater control over all aspects of a shop fit out, ensuring that all elements of the job tie neatly together. Our trades teams are chosen for their proven skills and for their ability to coordinate their work smoothly with that of the other trades.

We are mindful of your neighbours, too scheduling noisy work to be done after hours, and generally minimising disruption to the neighbourhood of your shop.

Take a look at our Portfolio, and you’ll see just some of the shops we’ve fitted out in Melbourne, and which are now earning their proud owners profits.

So if you need a commercial or shop fit out that combines flair with practicability, and at a price you really can afford, why not call the all in one shopfitters today?