Commercial Kitchen Design

Designing a successful commercial kitchen is a demanding process. As well as a working knowledge of all the machinery and devices which go into equipping a modern kitchen, restaurant and industrial kitchen designers need an intimate understanding of the subtleties of workflow in a busy kitchen. They also need to understand the needs of hygiene, and of how to build cleanability into their designs.

At All In One Design and Build we are proud of our portfolio of successful commercial kitchen designs – designs which a currently busily earning Melbourne caterers and restaurateurs profits and growing their businesses.

At All In One Design and Build, we treat each new commercial kitchen design in Melbourne as a fresh project, even as we bring our years of experience of past successful restaurant design projects to bear on its problems. We sit down with you and discuss your business, your kitchen, and what you want to accomplish with it. Only when we have a clear understanding of your workflow and culinary style do we start to sketch out what will eventually become a smooth-running, productive and easily cleaned kitchen.

Because All In One Design and Build offers design and build services under the same roof, we are able to exercise control over all aspects of a commercial kitchen fit out, ensuring that the various construction and installation elements, and any necessary permits, mesh smoothly together, eliminating delays and disruption to neighbouring businesses.

So if your kitchen is in need of a makeover, or if you’re starting a catering business from scratch, call the all in one commercial kitchen design team today.